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Ed Sheeran Sings One Direction "Little Things": Better Than 1D Version?

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Ever since we found out that Ed Sheeran wrote One Direction's "Little Things," we wished we could hear him sing it too.

Well, wishes come true!

Watch Ed sing a cover of 1D's hit "Little Things" during his recent Paris concert--though we're not sure if it's technically a cover tune if he created it!

This video, while a little hard to hear, has some great things going for it.

First, Ed sings "Little Things" beautifully (as you'd imagine he would), but before he gets started, he requests that the audience give him total quiet.

He shushes them before beginning, but once he starts singing, the crowd goes wild.

Ed gives it another go and you can tell the crowd is basically dying inside because they can't scream or sing along.

And we love it! Getting a concert audience to not sing along, clap and/or scream every five seconds so you can actually hear the song??!

Bonus points to Ed for making it happen.

Now, let's hear from you--vote below and let us know which version you like better.

Whose Little Things version do you like better?


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