Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tom Cruise Outraged Over Suri Abandonment Claims

After “Life & Style” Magazine  published a headline that claimed Suri had been abandoned by her father, Tom Cruise, the movie star’s lawyer, Bert Fields, released an email that blasted the publication saying:

“That, as anyone knows who saw their photos together yesterday and today, is a disgusting, vicious lie.”  Fields goes on, “Until this week, Tom was shooting a film on location, but he spoke to Suri every day.”

“He’s with Suri right now; and he was with her the day before Life & Style trumpeted their cruelly false accusation.  Tom dearly loves Suri and the last thing he would ever do is abandoned her.”

Tom Cruise just recenlty settled his divorce with ex-wife Katie Holmes and wrapped up shooting for a new film.


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