Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sick story of antiLGBT Christian kiddie porn lawyer gets even more demented

The sick and sordid tale of Lisa Biron, the anti-LGBT Christian attorney convicted yesterday of felony charges involving child endangerment and producing child pornography has gotten a lot darker with a not insignificant new revelation.

It’s not like you have to be Lt. Columbo to put two and two together here, unless of course there was a second anti-gay Christian lawyer convicted of making kiddie porn in New Hampshire yesterday. From the AP report:

The allegations were almost too heinous and far-fetched to be believed. A New Hampshire lawyer who graduated at the top of her class and credited her success to Christianity was accused of using her 14-year-old daughter as a sexual pawn, at one point even engaging in a sexual act with the girl on camera.

But believe them a jury did, convicting the woman Thursday of eight counts of exploiting the teenager, who is now in foster care. Her attorney called no witnesses during barely a day of testimony, only imploring jurors in his closing arguments to put aside their emotions as they deliberated.

In a recorded phone conversation with her daughter from jail in December, the woman told her, “I should have been the mom, not the friend.”

Something like that, Lisa…

A Canadian man Kevin Watson testified that he had sex with mother and daughter in a motel room in Niagara Falls, Ontario, just three weeks after the girl had turned fourteen, over Memorial Day weekend of last year. A second man, Brandon Ore, of Lebanon, N.H., testified that he met them after he responded to a personals ad placed by “two girls, 18 and 33, looking to party.”

Ore actually moved in with Biron and the girl in July 2012, but said that weeks went by before he realized that they were mother and daughter, and that the girl was just 14.

Ore soon moved out and turned himself in to local police, which was the initial cause for the lawyer’s arrest.

“The partying was out of control, the sex was out of control and she was charging high rent,” Ore said.

High rent!

Biron’s Facebook profile describes her like this:

Biron is a lawyer in Manchester and a torch-bearer of religious freedom..

Mother of the year Biron is lucky she’s safe (for now) in jail. I’d imagine that otherwise torch-bearers of a different sort might have paid Lisa an unfriendly visit.


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