Sunday, July 29, 2012

Afternoon Crumbs

Afternoon Crumbs

Friday, July 27th 2012

Afternoon Crumbs

Afternoon Crumbs

GOOPY Paltrow continues her obsession with poop by selling turki shit for the rock bottom, peasant price of $240. And turkis are just like turkeys, but they're fancier and exclusively from Europe or something. - Lainey Gossip 

That glazed look of sweaty shame on Mila Kunis' face tells me that she's definitely humping on Ashton Kutcher and she's not proud of it - The Superficial 

Roseanne needs to start a band and she needs to call it Aborted Chicken Fetus Anus - Towleroad

I totally thought this was a still of the Joker as a nurse from The Dark Knight - Hollywood Tuna 

Things that still happening: RiRi being a swimsuit, RiRi being on vacation, RiRi being a drunk and RiRi being annoying through pictures - Drunken Stepfather

Poke at me when somebody makes the real life version of Bianca Dupree's mansion from Beverly Hills Teens - The Berry 

John Travolta is ready to sword fight Tommy Girl to be Scientology's pin-up of choice - Celebitchy

The Dancing with the Has-Beens: All-Has-Beens cast was announced - Just Jared

And when The Lesbeaver landed, his au pair Selena Gomez made him suck off a bar of soap - ICYDK

Bane. A Baby in a Bjorn. Rapping. That is all. - Videogum

Hayden Christensen is really making that Star Wars money stretch - Moe Jackson 

Grey's Anatomy will be McSteamy-less next season - I'm Not Obsessed

Mischa Barton swimsuit pictures just aren't the same without her screaming at the paps for trying to get close-ups of her cellulite - Popsugar

Katy Perry's in a two piece - Popoholic

They say Lady CaCa is making her acting debut in Machete Kills, but hasn't the bitch been acting this whole time? - Hollywood Rag

Something tells me Bruno Mars and Windex are about to become best friends forever - Cityrag


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